For an extensive gallery of Wander Braga’s career please check the Wander Braga Greece Facebook page with more than 150 photos


2nd Place, IBJJF Rome Open 2014, Medium Heavy, Black Belt Master 2

IBJJF European Champion 2013, Senior 1 – Middle

Brazilian Champion (No-gi), Brasileiro 2012

With the legendary Rickson Gracie

Wander with a young Gabriel Gonzaga

With his teacher, Master Jorge Pereira

Training the members of Gracie Angola

Wander with Quinton Rampage Jackson

Wander with Royler Gracie and Braga BJJ Black Belt Jerbo Nerney, CEO & Founder, Head Coach at Pimpit Fight Team Academy

Wander with his good friend Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro and Andre Pederneiras, also known as Dedé, one of the best MMA coaches in the world

Wander with two of his black belts, Mafu Kobus (left) and Pete Han

Wander with Vitor Ribeiro, Mafu Kobus and Pete Han

With his idol Rickson Gracie. Wander had the honor of training personally with Rickson

With Spencer Pratt, Leka Vieira, Pete Han, Mauricio Tinguinha and others

With Kostas Fantaousakis and Stavros Kokkinos, Braga Team Greece

Wander with his black belt Alberto Ceretto, Team Turin, Italy

With Massimo Zorzenon, Head of Team Varese, Italy. Wander is holding his 2013 European IBJJF Medal

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